Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Arab Spring - Episode 32 - Hostages

A NEW EPISODE IS OUT!!! This week we recap events in Iran, more specifically the hostages in the American embassy in Tehran. We also introduce Ronald Reagan, and cover the 1980 US Presidential election. Listen on iTunes, or right here. https://archive.org/download/ArabSpring-AHistory.Episode32-Hostages/Episode32.mp3

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

iTunes Review Reminder

Hey guys, just an update! I've been busy uploading the the back catalogue of episodes to the new feeds, so there should now we quite a number up for you to listen to, but we are not yet at the point of new episodes coming out. This means that there is still enough time to subscribe before then if you haven't already! The feeds are linked a recent post on this website, as are the links to the iTunes store. If you use iTunes and have not already left a review, please do! It is one of the best ways out there to support the show!


Saturday, 6 June 2015

New Feeds

So, after much heartbreak on my part over the last 6 months, I now have a more stable hosting situation set up and the podcasts are back! They shall all be up on iTunes over the next few days, but should you use a different podcatcher the feeds are available here.

Alexander Remastered


Arab Spring




New Alexander Logo

Monday, 6 April 2015

Podcast Return Time-Scale

PODCAST NEWS! Thanks to A LOT of help from Jordan Harbour of the Twilight Histories Podcast, and listeners Mike and Kevin, I think I know how to get the feeds back. And, I actually have a time-scale now! I'm currently entering what I call "crunch". This is when I have looming deadlines and tend to be working almost all day, almost every day. This is a 6000 word piece on Cicero due on the 12th May, and a Greek exam on 15th (5 weeks, 4 days away). But, once this is over, I have 3 and a half months until my next deadline, the dissertation - 7th September. This gives me a couple of free weeks I haven't had since last September, and should give me time to fix the feeds, now I have some serious leads. So, if things stay as they are, expect the podcasts to return in the last 2 weeks of May! I hope you have a good 6 weeks, and I'll hopefully see (well, be speaking to you I guess) shortly!


Friday, 21 November 2014

Technical Issues

Just a warning, the podcast is currently experiencing severe technical difficulties. Right now I'm just hoping that there is a solution.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

PSA - Temporary Podcast Hiatus

Sad news I'm afraid guys. There will be no new episode this week, and none for a few more weeks. I really need to put some extra time into my MA, and in particular my PhD application. (Should any listeners be involved in granting PhD places/funding, do give me a call.) But don't fear, I'll be back soon. So stay tuned and I'll see you in a while. Toodles. https://archive.org/download/Psa-TemporaryHiatus/Psa-TemporaryHiatus.mp3